From breast tape to Spanx, here is the ultimate guide to undergarments for your big day

Over the years, we at The Bridal Bra, collected feedback from over 2,000 brides on bridal underwear. We created a list of the best  wedding underwear tips so far. (Disclaimer: you might not always like what you see - but it's proof of concept!)


1. Your outfit should complement your skin tone, not vice versa.

Don't get hung up on whether or not your bridal underwear is "beautiful" if you're going to be wearing something slinky, because it's highly unlikely that it will be. Functionality is of the utmost importance, and it should be a neutral color that complements your skin tone. Even on fair skin, ivory can create a strobe-light appearance that reveals the underlying shape of bias-cut garments. In many cases, a dress will cling to the body so closely that the only item that will work is an all-in-one Spanx starting from directly underneath the breasts. This kit is neither attractive nor seductive in any way, yet it does its job. If necessary, you can switch into something that flatters your figure more for the wedding night festivities.


2. Pretty details are not your friend

A bow made of satin will always be visible. One of the brides whose dress I designed found a pair of underwear made of fine lace that matched her skin tone. She was under the impression that the underpants were invisible until the groom pointed out the satin bow at the top, which was visible through her dress.


3. "Tit tape" can be put to a variety of uses.

Try a backless bra with sticky wings if you're going backless. One option is the Fashions Forms Go Bare Backless Strapless Bra, which comes in black. They are effective, but you should try them out first. One bride discovered a wonderful strapless bra, but it did not have nearly enough stickiness. As a precaution, she covered every millimeter of the inside of the cups with tit tape, which is double-sided tape designed for the body. The tale isn't all that spectacular, but it does have a happy ending: the bra adhered to her flesh so tenaciously that it took two bridesmaids to pry it off of her when she was testing it, but it did its job on the big day.


4. Alterations aren't simply for your dress

It is simple to make adjustments to your bra or to stitch it into your dress if you believe that it will not stay up on its own or if you desire that the back of your bra was just a little bit lower. One of the brides whose wedding dress I made used a shapewear slip, fastened it to a bra using stick-on tabs at the side, and then had the back of the bra reduced. After that, she fastened white bra straps that were exceptionally lengthy to the top. It's true that taking off all of my clothes afterward was a bit of a challenge.


5. Size matters

Be careful to buy knickers in the appropriate size, even if this may seem like a simple point to make. Don't be so precious about it; getting a size larger than you normally would could perhaps aid prevent ballooning. But you should also be careful not to go too huge, as I know of a woman who managed to get her pants caught on something when she was walking down the aisle. (It's important to note that sharp-eyed bridesmaids are a need.)


6. Give yourself a lot of time to choose the appropriate undergarments for you.

This requires you to try on your underwear at the same time as your dress fittings rather than rushing out to buy it after the fact. It also requires you to stand near the window during your dress fittings in order to get natural sunshine and identify any lines. You should also snap images of oneself from a variety of different angles to ensure that the illusion will not be destroyed by flash photography.


7. If all else fails, there's always the option of going commando.

If you need support but can't locate anything that doesn't leave a line behind, you may always find a pair of seamless shapewear tights and cut off the feet and part of the legs. This will provide you the support you need without leaving a line behind. If you don't need to wear underwear for support, then there's no use in bothering to wear any; this is one technique to prevent lines from appearing. If this is the case, you should definitely get ready for any kind of weather, particularly if you are not wearing a bra. Even in the summer, evenings might be cool, and there is no reason to expose the bride to such a large degree.

❤ Happy wedding!