Wedding Planning 101: 6 essential wedding planning tips that no one tells you

Are you at that point and time in life when you’re planning for your big day – the wedding day? Well, you must have been given a lot of advices, from friends, family and professionals, right? But as many, who have already walked the love of lives down the aisle, would tell you, there are some things here and there that they wished they could have, either done differently during their wedding or wish they could have done them but ended up forgetting. That makes the list of things that nobody will ever tell you when planning your wedding. If not that, such things go overlooked during planning only to see the need of the on the material day.
We’ve compiled below a list of some essential things that go unnoticed when planning a wedding and, important tips on how to handle them.


Having a first contact person on your wedding day

Ever heard of the first-point-of-contact person in a wedding? These are extremely important people in any given wedding and you cannot afford to go without one on your big day lest you want confusion to mar your beautiful day. You can choose any of your most trusted family member, friend or someone who was in your wedding planning committee, that’s if you’d one. A first-contact person will save you the problem of dealing with people like vendors and allow you to concentrate on main business of the day.


The ‘post-reception transport nightmare or oversight’

This is one of the things that plagues many weddings from time and again. People tend to forget that their guests will also need to go back after the wedding reception. Many a times, guests are left stranded not knowing what to do especially if they were transported to the wedding reception venue. As a good gesture to your guests, at least be sure to have someone responsible of transport, one who will not leave the reception venue until all guests are comfortably taken back or where the after party will be. Don’t overlook this essential part of wedding planning - pick a competent transport manager, one who will not disappoint you at the end of the day.


Having some extra seats

Did you know that, in most cases, guests end up showing more than invited in weddings? Picture a scenario in your wedding where you’d invited, let’s say, three hundred people but three hundred and fifty people shows up and you’d ordered for three hundred seats only. How would you handle that? Will the extra guests have to stand or leave? That’s why it is absolutely essential to make sure that you’ve some extra seats.


Discuss your budget candidly

Here, you need to know who will take care of what in terms of the budget. Don’t assume things. In the likely event that someone has offered to step in and help here and there, make sure that you include it in your budget once the pledge has been honoured. Don’t bank on something that is not already at your hands. Again, you will, as a couple, need to come out clear on who’s funding your budget. That way, you will avoid any grey areas of who will pay for what.


In case you want to ‘do it yourself’, try it way before

It is absolutely understandable that you might want to do some things yourself instead of hiring service providers because that will, certainly, add to your wedding costs in these harsh times of this COVID-19 pandemic. But if that is the route that you want to take, we advise that you try it out way before your wedding day and you’ll save yourself any sort of embarrassment in the event that things don’t work out as you’d thought they would.


Don’t invest all your fortunes in a wedding

Remember that there is life after your wedding! No doubt that the wedding day, probably, is your biggest day as you get to turn another page in your life but that doesn’t warrant you to pour everything that you have into it. You will still need to pay your bills and life will go on even after you’ve walked down that aisle. Actually, many wedding experts agree that one should work with what they can afford. Don’t overstrain yourself to extents of, for instance, take loans to finance your wedding. It is not a good idea.
There you’ve it! It is not rocket science. These are some of the most essential wedding planning tips that one, or many people, will not tell you.

Read well and you’ll have a great wedding day and a happy ever after.