How to Prep for Confident Wedding Dress Shopping

Every bride wants to feel empowered and as beautiful as she can on one of the most important days of her life. That all starts with one important step, wedding dress shopping. So much of your wedding from the venue to the overall design can revolve around the dress you choose.

So, it’s important to go into the dress shopping experience confidently.


1. Set a budget

Before you go falling in love with a dreamy designer gown with a hefty price tag, set yourself a budget. Buying a wedding dress doesn’t come down to just that either. Take into consideration alterations, your undergarments, and any accessories you may want to add on. Having an inclusive budget will help you narrow down your search and prevent you from potential heartbreak.


2. Start Shopping Early

If you can, it’s ideal to start at least 9-12 months ahead. Wedding dresses can take months to be made, not including any alterations which also take time. Especially if you’re wanting a custom gown or big changes to be made, start as early as you can. This will help ease potential stress knowing you have plenty of time.


Of course, if you’re in a pinch or planning in a short timeline a sample sale will be your best friend. That is where dress shops will sell sample sizes right off the rack at a discounted price.


3. Eat & Drink Beforehand

As simple as this sounds, this can be a major game-changer. You want to go into your salon appointments feeling your very best. Being well-rested, nourished and hydrated will help keep you physically prepared for trying on lots of potentially tight, heavy wedding dresses with plenty of energy.


4. Do Your Hair & Makeup

Coming into your bridal appointment it’s important that you feel confident with how you look. As you try on gorgeous dresses you don’t want to be distracted by how your hair looks wild or how you just don’t “feel” pretty. Do yourself a favor and give yourself a confidence boost beforehand by taking more time than normal on your beauty routine. You won’t regret it.


5. Bring the Right Undergarments & Shoes

This is absolutely essential! That neon pair of panties, flip-flops and your old bra just won’t cut it with a designer gown. Plan on bringing the same height shoes you’re planning on wearing the day of your wedding. It will give you a more accurate feel of how the dress will truly look on you.


The same goes for your underwear. You don’t want distracting bra straps showing every time you try on a dress and going braless isn’t always a good option. It’s time to invest in a proper set of neutral undergarments that make you feel as amazing and beautiful as you are.


We recommend the Bridal Bra as the perfect base set for trying on dresses. It goes with a variety of styles and will offer you all the support you need. Once you have found your dream dress, make sure to come back to find the perfect fit for your specific dress. Our unique line of undergarments are made especially for wedding dresses so you can look and feel like the stunning bride you deserve to!