The Ultimate Wedding Workout Plan

Wedding date? Check.

Wedding venue? Check.

Wedding reception and after party? Check.

Wedding dress? Check. Well, that is, certainly, the best place and point to be as a bride looking forward to walk down the aisle, right?

- having everything in place and ready way before the big day. But wait, there is something that you need to know – looking great on your wedding day is way more than just getting the most amazing wedding venue, the best of the best wedding gown, and flawless makeup and hair. You need to look good in that wedding dress. You, basically, need to look nothing short of your best.

It is agreed that it is absolutely good to feel your best on your wedding day and you should work towards that whether by eating really well months before your big day or drawing a workout plan that will work best for you. Once you draw your wedding workout plan, you must, ideally, stick to it in order to achieve the shape that you want. Working out before your wedding brings about the confidence that you need on your wedding day. No doubt about that.

The following is a practical wedding workout plan that we’ve put together for you. It is, definitely, something that you will enjoy doing. You’ll need to work out a few times in a week and follow that schedule for at least six months before your wedding day.

Strapless wedding gown workout

Studies show that many brides prefer wedding in a strapless wedding dress. If you’re of them then you will definitely take a lot of interest in this workout. Here, you’ll have to focus on toning your upper body and arms in specific. The strapless wedding dress workout has also been termed as being very effective in helping one get the right posture.

Abs workout (No equipment)

This is a simple abs workout plan. It mainly targets the oblique and core muscles. Contrary to what some people believe, this workout routine is only meant for those who want to rock a wedding dress that will show their abs, no. This specific wedding workout plan or exercise takes round 15 minutes and you will not need to go to the gym or have any equipment. If anything, you will only need a good floor and a carpet and you will be good to go!

Backless wedding gown workout

Did you know that rocking a backless wedding gown is rated as among the sexiest ways to walk down the aisle? Well, you heard it right. Whether the wedding dress is fully open at the back or its somehow teasing, the fact remains that embarking on a workout routine that will help tone your upper body will inject some extra-confidence as you say “I do” to the love of your life.

There is no doubt that this workout plan that doesn’t require you to go to the gym will get your shoulder blades, lower back and arms ready for the big day. Wouldn’t you want that? You, definitely, do!

Butt workout

Are you thinking of getting that form-fitting wedding dress for your big day? Well, if yes, then know that it is about that time you started working out to get your booty into shape. Whether, fit-n-flare, mermaid, sheath or trumpet wedding gowns, know that you need some but workout coz all these wedding dresses put emphasis on your curves.

This workout plan, actually, involves effective and simple at-home exercises that will help to not only lift but also tone the glute muscles in your body.

Full body HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout

Adhering to a high intensity interval training, commonly referred to as HIIT, has been praised as nothing but the highly effective way to push your whole body into shape as you prepare for your wedding.

This particular wedding workout plan pushes the muscles to their limits while giving yourself some 30 seconds intervals in order to achieve maximum results. Full body HIIT workout plan has been picked as the best way to getting your heart rate to its right place, something which will, in turn, go a long way in helping to burn some more calories.

That’s our simple but very effective wedding workout plan for you. The good thing about these workout routines is the fact that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home for a gym. Again, you will not need the equipment if you cannot afford them.