Wedding dress trends in 2022 that will still be a big deal in 2023

There is no doubt that if you’re a bride looking forward to walking with the love of your love down the aisle, then you just have to keep tabs with what is trending in the world of fashionable wedding dresses, right? You just have to, unless you want to be in a wedding dresses that is so old-school and doesn’t really make any statement on your big day. The wedding dress trends of 2021 are many and requires a good amount of time to go your research and settle for what is appealing to your eyes, after consultation. But even as you carry out your research on the trending wedding dresses, it certainly is a fact that goes without mentioning that some 2021 wedding dress trends will still be a big deal even in next year, 2022. This, according to experts in this field who observes the trends, is mainly attributed to the reality that some of these trends are amazing and are not going anywhere anytime soon!
So, what are some of these 2021 wedding dress trends sending huge statements out there and are already counted among those will still rock in 2022? Well, read on, we’ve made your work easier and compiled a list for you.


Tea-length wedding dresses

If you’re the daring type of girl and want to show of some skin on your wedding then you, definitely, need to try out the tea-length wedding dress. Its not only amazing but also, absolutely, trendy and fashionable!
This is one of those wedding dresses that rocked in years ago but have come back in a big way and are rocking the market of trendy wedding dresses. They were very popular in 1940s to 1950s and they’re agreeably among the top go-to-trends when you think of fashionable wedding dresses.


‘Less-formal’ type of wedding dress

Are you ready to try out something out of the traditional? Well, all you need is the less-formal wedding dress which is popular among couples that are looking forward to having sort of ‘microweddings’ – weddings that have less than 50 people attending.
Such an occasional would, ideally, call one to using a bit casual wedding dress but a trendy one of course! The good thing about this trendy wedding dresses is that they’re easily available and will not cost you a leg and an arm, no.


Cottagecore-inspired wedding dresses

Are you wondering what this type of wedding gown looks like? Don’t worry, they’re simple but trendy, the more reason why they’ve made it to the list of 2021 wedding dress trends and ones that are also expected to do well even in 2022. The Cottagecore-inspired wedding dresses first boomed in the year 2020 and have still remained relevant and loved to date.
The Cottagecore-inspired wedding dresses kind of glorify agricultural and pastoral lifestyle. They include old-fashioned patterns, cotton fabrics and those that are loose-fitting. Some wedding dresses designers are now opting to throw in some aesthetics here and there making this type of wedding dress even more attractive.


How about you tried the bridal pantsuits and jumpsuits?

Bridal pantsuits and jumpsuits are available in a variety of colours, and you’ll definitely find your favourite one. You can choose the all-white one, or creamy one to mentioned a few. These types of trendy wedding dresses have been around for quite some time and have refused to fade away. Hence the reason they are expected to still be among the 2022 trending wedding dresses.
Wedding pantsuits and jumpsuits are a perfect pick in case you want to run away from the traditional wedding gowns.


Square necklines and puffy sleeves wedding gowns

A lot of bridal-dress designers are nowadays turning to doing a mix of old-fashioned trends or elements of wedding gowns with the more modern ways of styles. A perfect example are the wedding gowns with square necklines and oversized puffy sleeves. In most cases the bodice is made fitting. This makes the wedding gown quite nostalgic and unique.


Slip wedding dresses

A slip wedding dress is what you, undoubtedly, all need in the event that you want to look sexy on your big day as you make that big vow of ‘yes I do’. The current trend of this type of wedding dress is basically sort of a progression of its success in the previous year in the market of wedding gowns.
In most cases, the slip wedding gowns come with laces or embellished details around the hem or neckline. They are also made of different lengths depending one’s taste, a short one of one sweeping the floor.
There you go! You’ve your list of 2021 wedding dresses trends and ones that will still rock this market come the year 2022.

Make your choice now.