What to Wear Underneath Your Wedding Dress - An Easy Guide

Here's your guide to the best wedding lingerie and shapewear for every style of wedding dress. Choose the right ones and you'll instantly see why these undergarments are a bride's best friend and a perfect match for every gown.

It's not a secret - the key to the perfect fit of your gown is the perfect match underneath. You can just wear that strapless bra you already have hanging around - but think again. Add more confidence to your wedding style knowing everything looks amazing all day long - and even on your after-wedding-party!

There are five main aspects to think about:


Do you have a backless dress?

Gorgeous open backs are one of the hottest wedding dress trends right now. If you plan on wearing one of these plunging styles, a regular bra is out of the question. When it comes to a backless gown, your best bet is a bra that has adhesive cups and is practically invisible. Another option is a backless body like The Bridal Bra Body with a crotch closure and adjustable in many ways to make it match your wedding gown perfectly.

You can find The Bridal Bra Body here and all our backless bras here.


Do you have a dress with a low neckline?

With a plunging neckline or an open back, you might have peekaboo–bra problems. For extra sculpting power, try a the adhesive Bunny Ears, to fit even the most daring look.

A great combination are The Bunny Ears with The Bridal Bra Corset or Shaper.

You can find all our adhesive bras here.


Do you have a body-hugging dress?

Body-hugging silhouettes will highlight all your best features, but to hide any trouble areas, you're going to need to bust out the shapewear. Choose a pair that is snug enough to keep any wobbly bits in place, but won't show through the fabric of your dress or create other issues like muffin top!

Our shapewear works amazing with The Bridal Bra Backless Front Closure Bra.

You can find all our shapewear here.


Do you have a dress for a sexy decollete?

Your girls should stay in place perfectly, save and sexy all day long. A balconette or bandeau bra does a perfect job when it comes to a sexy decollete. They provide an extra push and forms perfect curves. Especially when you have bigger boobs, the balconette bra provides an extra hold and keeps everything save.

An alternative solution are The Bridal Bra Wings. They are adhesive and you can pull the band between the cups to create just as much push as you like. They are really a secret weapon when it comes to a sexy decollete.

You can find all our balconette and bandeau bras here. You can find The Bridal Bra Wings here.


What dress are you wearing for your after-wedding party?

It's your night! Feel more confidence at your after-wedding-party, knowing your decollete looks as gorgeous as possible and everything stays in place perfectly all night long!

Maybe you have a second dress for the night, then The Bridal Party Bra is a great adhesive and backless bra, especially when it comes to dancing. However gorgeous your dress is, this bra makes you feel free. You don't have to worry about anything while dancing and you might even forget you're wearing something underneath at all. Another option is The Bridal Bra Body, backless and with a very low neckline.

You can find The Bridal Party Bra here and The Bridal Bra Body here.

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