Everything You Need to Know About Bridal Shapewear

Your wedding day is when you want to look your best. All eyes are on you, and you want the confidence to enjoy every moment of your wedding day. Most brides jump on a pre-wedding diet and workout regime, while others spend months searching for the perfect dress that works with their body type.

You want to look – and feel – like your best self. That’s where wedding shapewear comes in. While your wedding underwear might not be top of your shopping list, it plays an important role in how your dress will look on. The right wedding underwear will hug your figure, accentuate your curves, and give you an extra confidence boost.

We’re deep diving into the world of wedding shapewear, sharing everything you need to know about how to choose the right shapewear. We’ll even be sharing our top recommendations for wedding shapewear to help you look your best when you say, ‘I do’.


5 of the best wedding shapewear styles

Are you ready to start shopping for your wedding shapewear? We have 5 top recommendations for wedding underwear that are an instant ‘add to basket’ purchase. You want to consider your wedding dress silhouette and body type when choosing which of these shapewear sets is right for you.

The Bridal Bra™ Shaping Corset

Our ‘Shaper Corset’ is the perfect choice for a form-fitting wedding dress as it helps smooth your curves and pulls in your stomach. This wedding underwear is ideal for dresses that don’t come with a built-in corset. It gives you the figure-hugging curves of a corset without any discomfort, all while helping to remove any visible underwear lines.

The Bridal Bra™ Shaper

Are you wearing a tight-fitting bodycon dress that draws attention to your stomach? Meet our secret weapon for every bride. Our ‘Shaper’ underwear gives you a belly-flattening and butt-lifting effect with its innovative anti-curling bone structure that gives you supermodel-worthy curves.

The Bridal Bra™ Bodysuit

If your wedding dress fits tighter on your upper body, you want to choose wedding underwear that isn’t going to constrict your movement. Our ‘Bodysuit’ underwear is an ideal choice as it improves the overall shape of your silhouette. As it has a seamless finish, this wedding shapewear sits like a second skin.

This wedding underwear gives you a push-up effect while flattening your tummy and improving your back posture. It even gives you the illusion of a butt lift.

The Bridal Bra™ Padded Shaper

Does your wedding dress call for an hourglass silhouette? If you’re wearing a mermaid dress or want to create the illusion of a shapelier silhouette, our ‘Padded Shaper’ is a gamechanger. Once you slip this underwear on, you’ll instantly have rounder hips and a lifted butt. It also helps pull in your stomach and smooth your overall silhouette for a seamless look.

The Bridal Bra™ Wedding Corset

One of the most popular types of wedding underwear is a corset. It’s a perfect choice if you’re wearing a strapless figure-hugging wedding dress and want to accentuate your waist. Our bridal corset has an innovative curved 4-d design that gives you an hourglass figure thanks to its bone-structure silhouette.

Are you on the hunt for the ultimate bridal shapewear for your big day? What are you looking for in your wedding underwear? Tell us all your thoughts on social media.

Pro tips!

Don’t overlook the fabric

When brides are shopping for their wedding underwear, one thing they often overlook is the fabric. It’s best to approach your shopping by thinking about what you want your shapewear to do. If you’re looking for it to help sculpt your figure, shop around for textured fabrics that add structure to your shape and silhouette. If you need extra support, shapewear with a built-in corset might be your best option.

You also want to consider the material of your wedding dress. If you’ve chosen a lightweight fabric, such as silk, you’ll want to pay extra attention to the shapewear that you’ve chosen. Silk is notorious for giving you a visible underwear line, so you’ll want shapewear that will smooth your silhouette and hug your curves.

Almost every wedding dress will need shapewear underneath to give you the smoothest silhouette. If you’re wearing a backless or low-cut wedding dress, you’ll want to pay extra attention to your shapewear to ensure you get a seamless look. The most popular fabrics for wedding underwear include spandex and nylon as they’ll hug your curves, sculpt your silhouette, and remove any visible lines.


How to find the right wedding underwear

Underwear has the power to make or break your wedding dress. The last thing you want is your bra straps peeking out or a ‘skin tone’ colour bra playing hide and seek through your dress fabric. Your wedding day is also a time when you don’t want to be constantly adjusting your underwear or feeling uncomfortable.

Some brides choose to have their wedding underwear sewn into their dress for the most seamless look, but wedding shapewear doesn’t have to be.

What you wear under your dress is just as important as the dress itself. You want to take the time to find the right wedding shapewear that will help you look your best on your big day.

Some brides choose to some shapewear along to wear while trying on dresses. It can help you visualise what your dress will look like on the day, but you can always buy your wedding underwear closer to the day. It’s often best to buy several different styles of wedding underwear and go through some trial and error to find the right one for your dress and body type.

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