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What to Write in a Wedding Card

Prepping to attend a wedding entails a lot of prep! You have to pick out the perfect outfit, maybe you have to line up a date, and of course there’s finding the perfect gift and card to go with it. Finding the right card to express your excitement and love for the happy couple can take time. Do you go funny? Friendly? Emotional? Then, you have to figure out the perfect thing to say. As small as that task may seem, it can be daunting to many, especially if words aren’t your thing. So, if you find yourself wondering what to write in your wedding card, you’re not alone! As for the card itself, wedding cards don’t have to just...

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How to Plan Your Perfect Bridal Shower Party

There is, absolutely, no doubt that a bridal shower is one of the best and widely approved way to celebrate a bride-to-be, right? But that said and done, it is also a fact that planning a bridal shower is not a walk in the park. The planning can get even more hectic especially if you don’t have people around you who have actively participated in planning one before. But worry not; we’ve compiled a checklist for you herein in case you are looking forward to having your bridal shower and you, basically, want to own the planning process yourself from the word go to the very end. A bridal shower, being an event where family and close friends meet before...

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