How to Plan Your Perfect Bridal Shower Party

There is, absolutely, no doubt that a bridal shower is one of the best and widely approved way to celebrate a bride-to-be, right? But that said and done, it is also a fact that planning a bridal shower is not a walk in the park. The planning can get even more hectic especially if you don’t have people around you who have actively participated in planning one before. But worry not; we’ve compiled a checklist for you herein in case you are looking forward to having your bridal shower and you, basically, want to own the planning process yourself from the word go to the very end.

A bridal shower, being an event where family and close friends meet before your big day, must be accorded all the attention that it deserves lest you stand to disappoint yourself big time. Shall we go through your planning checklist? Here we go!


1. Pick a theme for your bridal shower

A theme will determine many things in your bridal shower, the more reason why many people argue that choosing your perfect theme should always come first in your planning process. The theme does a long way in helping even the invited guests know what to wear, the decor that will be done on the location of the party among many other things. Start by going through the lots of bridal shower themes that are readily available at a click of a button either on your phone or computer then narrow down to a few and finally settle for what your heart really wants. You can always customize the theme to your own liking. It is not cast on stone!


2. Choose the most appropriate day, date and time!

A good bridal shower should ideally start being planned some two to three months before the D-day. It also shouldn’t be too far from the wedding itself. Therefore, with that in mind settle for a day and date that is most appropriate first to you, as the bride-to-be, then to at least a majority of those invited. You should also really consider the time of the event. In the likely event that you are not the one planning your bridal shower, always keep in touch with those planning to make sure that the day and dated picked is what you would like. Let them work with your calendar, right?


3. Set the budget

A bridal shower is another event that can be really expensive, if not well planned and, therefore, be on top of things as far as setting of the budget goes. The budget will be informed by many factors such as the location, menu, and the number of guests invited to mention a few. But you really don’t have to make it expensive. Work with what you can afford and chop off what is not necessary. Once decided, stick to it!


4. Create the list of guests

You don’t have to invite the entire world to your bridal shower! Pick those close to you and the rest can wait for the wedding day which is, basically, the big day. Create a list of at least 40 to 60 people and let them be informed beforehand. That is arguably a good number for a bridal shower party.


5. Have gifts to your guests ready

A bridal shower is one of those few ‘two way’ parties. That is even as you expect to receive gifts and presents from your guests, you should also not let your guests leave empty handed. You should ideally buy them flowers or something to appreciate them.

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6. Pick the most perfect location

A good location should not only be easily accessible but also one that will set the mood for the wedding! But you really don’t have to break your back if you cannot afford a fancy hotel. You can alternatively have your bridal shower at a nearby restaurant or even at your home. Just make sure your guests will be comfortable and there is ample parking for them. When picking the location, work with the assumption that all the invited guests will attend.


7. Decide on the decor and menu

You might need expert’s input or advice on this. Let them guide you but with the budget in mind. It is that direct.


8. Design and send out invitations

Have the invitation cards designed nicely keeping in mind the theme of your bridal shower. Once designed, dispatch the invitation cards to all guests in your list.


9. Don’t forget the nitty-gritties!

There are some little things that may be forgotten but end up having negatively affecting your bridal shower. Don’t be that victim. Make sure that you’ve attended to every little thing. Don’t assume anything. For instance, you should ideally prepare a toast to the bride-to-be, create or have a bouquet and set a nice place where the gifts from the guests will be received.

There you go! It is that simple. For this and you will, undoubtedly, have a bridal shower that you’ll remember for years.