Planning a winter wedding? Here’s what you need to know

Do you agree that winter weddings are, literally, the best? Well, many people do! And, there are so many reasons behind that. Think of mugs full of hot coffee or cocoa, cozy fireplaces and the amazing white snows, is it not something to behold? But that said, it is, certainly, important to get a feel of what you need to know as far as winter weddings go so that to get an ultimate experience on your big day.

Here is our guide on what you need to know and do if you’re looking ahead to have your wedding on a winter season.

1. Understand the weather and know what to wear

Winter season varies a lot. In some parts, it might be so cold to an extent that you will need to either put on or carry an extra coat or something warm. In some places, the season is basically typical to experience freezing temperatures. In other parts, it might be that cold. Therefore, it is always great to understand how the winter season of your chosen wedding location behaves.

In most winter weddings, people are advised to wear long sleeves to help them keep warm. There are lots of long sleeves wedding gowns, for example, that a bride can pick from and still rock! From hi-collared gowns to illusion sleeves, there is always one that will catch your eyes. Just shop around and you’ll, beyond any reasonable doubt, get what your heart will love.

Rock a classy coat against that snowy background and you will, definitely, love it! You can equally get a modern or even custom-made sweater to put that frigid temperatures at bay. When selecting proper dress code for your wedding, keep in mind the function’s theme and fashion.


2. Pick a suitable or fitting venue

The wedding venue, usually, determines many other factors. As a result, it absolutely important to carefully select the place where you will walk the love of your love down the aisle. One thing that will guide your venue is your wedding theme. Also, settle for a place that will not expose your guests to the winter cold. Instead, pick a venue that will shelter them from that cold. If well selected, a venue will add to your magical winter wedding. Think of enchanting backdrops. Think of other venue aesthetics that will give you the look that is in your mind of your big day.


3. Ladies, here’s to you! Ever heard of bold lips?

Doing bold lips, for the brides and ladies in general, is counted as one of the advantages of having a winter wedding. It, basically, provides a perfect opportunity to do bold lips! Try a lipstick that is vampy red and thank us later.

But that said and done, it is unanimously agreed that the bride and maids should try their make ups at least a day before the material day to avoid any hiccups of unmatching makeups.

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4. Don’t forget the festive accessories!

Quite a number of people don’t, really, pay required attention to the kind of accessories that they use on their weddings. That can be such an undoing. Just like when choosing your dresses, which form part of the main attraction during weddings, also carefully choose your accessories. They work well in amplifying your look. Get that classy faux fur and see what will happen to your look!


5. How about you try non-traditional materials?

A winter wedding is not just a wedding like any other. It does provide you a great opportunity to play around with many things that would be considered tradition as far as weddings go. That includes the kind of material that you will choose for your clothes. With a winter wedding, you don’t have to go for a black tuxedo or suit, for instance. Try different fabrics, patterns or colour swatches. You can, for instance, pair velvet pants with tweed blazers for men.


6. Consider those ins-season bloom

In the event that you’re considering an all-white wedding, something which has refused to go out of fashion, you can have white blooms but in various textures. You can also consider the white garden flowers.


7. Have twinkle lights for your winter nuptials

Don’t forget to get the lighting right! Whether outdoor or indoor, there is not doubt that proper lighting adds a lot of aesthetics, particularly, in an evening winter wedding. This is a scene you cannot afford to forgo. You can choose to have your twinkling lights dangle down from, either, the ceiling or somewhere above like a canopy or something.

When considering the twinkling light colours, its also a great idea to keep in mind the colour of your chair and table clothing.


8. Candle-light your walkway and aisle

Apart from the swanky entrance that you are planning, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the amazing scene of a candle-lit walkway and aisle ahead of you.


8. Put up a fireplace

Never forget to create a fireplace in your winter wedding especially if you’re looking forward to staying a bit late into the night for an after party. Decorate the fireplace as well. Don’t have it bare.

There you go! Follow these tips and your winter wedding will be a great one that you want to remember forever! Also, ice that with a nice and fitting escape, whether horse-drawn carriages or gondola ride, you will, certainly, love it!