What to wear when invited to a wedding

It's August and while wedding season this year kind of comes to an end, 2023 will be THE WEDDING YEAR because I'm already invited to 7 !! weddings - including my own. After a lot of things a going more back to normal, finally it's THE time to say yes! W eddings mean finding something to wear, so I've developed a guide to assist you get ready. I've linked some of my favorites.


Wear No White

First, avoid white. Despite my wish, this isn't a clear rule. I recently attended a wedding where a woman wore a white jumpsuit.

Debbie, wear the jumpsuit next weekend. Not tonight.

Also, don't bring creams and ivory. White and off-white are no-nos. Respect. The bride has waited a year or more. Don't interrupt her.


Men should avoid black outfits. Men shouldn't wear black to weddings, even though it's not as awful as a lady wearing white. If not, his groomsmen probably are.

Check the bridesmaids' attire

This following guideline isn't a necessary, but I fear being mistaken for a bridesmaid. I always check the bridesmaids' dresses. When the wedding party includes a mix of hues, blush is OK, but if all the bridesmaids are wearing it, avoid it.

If you're someone's wedding date or don't know the bride and groom well, this rule isn't necessary. If you didn't make the bridal party, this is a must.

Avoid awkward conversations about not being a bridesmaid.

Dress when unsure

After colors, let's talk style. Dresses are safer. Always a dress or skirt for weddings. Once you wear pants, your outfit needs extra thought.

If you're a woman who wants to wear pants, dress up. I'd wear a formal jumpsuit or pantsuit. Not your pants.



NO JEANS: Wearing pants is fine, but not jeans. Respect again. Jeans, tears, or rips show you didn't bother to dress up.

Always overdress rather than underdress. Particularly for weddings.



If you wear a dress, be classy. There are so many lovely, provocative dresses out there, but reserve them for a night out and not your coworker's wedding.

Even if the bride is young, many guests will be older. Weddings are about the couple and their families. Sorry, Fashion Nova bodycon dress.

For the family's sake, be modest. Family pays for most weddings. Dress like a visitor.



My last two tips help you last all night. Wear comfy shoes first. Wear your most comfortable heels or stylish flats. Don't spend the night on your feet.

Bring a tiny purse, too. Carrying a large pocketbook while dancing and celebrating would be annoying. Be portable. It's worth it.

This should help you choose a wedding outfit. There are Dos and Don'ts regarding wedding attire, but never lose your style. Don't be scared to dress with personality.

Tag me on Instagram in your wedding attire! I want to see your work!

Check out the links below for wedding outfits I've worn.


❤ Happy Wedding!